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Why choose Move Marketing from the other qualified options?

I once was asked, “what makes you the best one for this job.” I responded that I could say that I was. I didn’t even know the other applicants. The reality is there are many good choices of people to whom you could trust to manage your online presence as there are not so good choices. The challenge is knowing which is which! I understand–this is the same challenge I face in choosing good customers.

Most of my customers I knew for years professionally or socially before we discussed their marketing. I came to know other by referrals. As I never demand a contract, I have to be discerning when choosing my customers. I don’t want to invest time and energy into developing a successful plan for a customer just o have them walk away. When we discuss your marketing goals, you’ll hear me ask plenty of question in an effort to establish your return on investment expectation. Starting with the same expectations or “being on the same page” is the first┬ástep towards a long-term working relationship.

Simple Plan. Solid Results.

I met with a potential customer once who told me he expected at least a 30:1 return on investment. I wished him luck with that. That ROI is certainly possible, but you won’t find me setting those type of expectations. I leave that to those who demand long-term contracts. I prefer to have achievable goals and continue to build on that success.

We can help you get the results you need.

I know we make it sound easy, but that’s just becasue it is for us!